We are committed to keeping our patients safe and healthy

We’re taking extra steps to keep everyone safe! If you have a cough, fever, shortness or breath, or difficulty breathing, please reschedule your appointment!

Make an appointment today!

phone 505 662-9681

text 833-520-0669

email lshinrecall@gmail.com

Mandatory Masks

Please bring your own mask!

Mandatory Temperature Readings

We will take your temperature at our office door. No one with a fever 100 degrees and/or bad cough will be allowed to stay.

Mandatory Hand Washing/Sanitizer

We have plenty of anti-bacterial soap and sanitizer for your hands!

I picked up my glasses yesterday, and I just wanted to tell Dr. Shin, holy moley , I can see!…it’s incredible, & I wanted to tell you, thank you! You guys are wonderful..I can see. I haven’t had this in 10 years. Tell her, thank you so much!…I can’t get over the clarity.”


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