COVID-19 Update

Contact us:

In order to reduce exposure and minimize risk, we are providing essential eye care services by APPOINTMENT ONLY:

Absolutely no walk-ins, please!

Please text 1-833-520-0669 or call 1-505-662-9681 to schedule!

We are offering FREE VIRTUAL EYECARE: please email us at or text 1-833-520-0699 to schedule.

This is designed for established patients, and includes the following situations:

*you had a recent eye exam with me, and still have questions and concerns.

*you have an upcoming eye exam, and you would like to let me know your vision problems ahead of time.

*your dog ate your favorite glasses, and you would like to me to duplicate last year’s order. *****

*you received some trial contact lenses, they’re working great, and you would like me to finalize the prescription ad order a supply.

*you would like me to call in a prescription for eye drops treating your glaucoma, allergies, and dry eye.

*you are worried about: your kid’s eyesight getting worse, not being able to read anymore, my referral for an upcoming eye surgery, your contact lenses being uncomfortable, diabetes affecting your vision, a chronic eye problem.

*you are not able to see well with your new glasses!   

***We also provide curbside pickups for glasses and contact lens: please text 1-833-520-0699 to schedule a pickup.

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