Happy Easter 2023

Dear Friends: 

As you gather today with loved ones, friends, and family, I wish you a joyful and blessed Easter!  This is the day that we are reminded of the mystery and truth of the Resurrection. Death does not have the final word because of Christ’s glorious triumph over the grave, darkness, and evil!   Thankfully, we have been busy since the beginning of the year!   My upgrades in our diagnostic equipment have definitely paid off, with the early detection and management of eye diseases.  

Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCTA) is non-invasive imaging technology that gives ultra-high resolution, 3D, cross-sectional imaging of your eye’s blood vessels, optic nerve, cornea, and retina.  My retinal imaging device, AFC 330is so much easier to use and faster than my previous camera.  26 years ago, I never imagined that my small optometric practice would have access to such technology, generally reserved for specialists.  I am especially proud to offer these additional tests for a low and affordable fee.  Your eyes are worth the extra cost!  Have a beautiful day!   


Lisa Shin, O.D.

Contact me:   505-662-9681   lshinrecall@gmail.com

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