Happy New Year!

Dear Friends:    

It’s hard to believe another year has passed!  This marks 26 years of providing eye care to this community.   Someone told me recently that I’m aging along with my patients!  Indeed, I now have first hand experience with the changes that happen as we get older.  

Things really do fall apart after 50, including our eyes.  Preventative care and early detection of eye conditions are more important than ever.  The best way to maintain good vision and gain insights into your overall well-being is to schedule your annual eye exam.  As we flip the calendar over to a new year, your vision benefits are also renewed. Part of any good new year’s resolution is a self-care routine that includes taking the time to schedule all your necessary wellness exams. 

A comprehensive eye exam can be a vision-saving measure for people susceptible to chronic conditions.  We can detect early signs of problems, like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetes.  According to the American Diabetes Association, an annual eye exam is also a must for those already living with diabetes, offering a simple way to prevent or delay vision loss caused by the condition.  This past month, a patient remarked how impressed he was with our advanced technology and high level of care.  He would no longer have to travel to Albuquerque for his eye care.  

My staff and I wish you and your families abundance, happiness, and joy in 2023! 

Sincerely,  Lisa Shin, O.D.Contact me:   505-662-9681    lshinrecall@gmail.com  

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