Office Closed – Open for Virtual Eye care

Dear Friends:

I trust you and your family are safe and healthy, during this time of severe economic and social disruption. We are working together to prevent the spread of COVID19 within our community!  

Unfortunately, our building was vandalized, and thieves took cash, broke windows at Daniel’s Cafe and Top Nails. Thankfully, my office was spared, but we installed new plexiglass windows, new door locks, and will upgrade our camera system.  

Like every small business owner, I have made difficult decisions to ensure our future viability and to safeguard our finances. Most of my employees are on payroll, with reduced hours. I will not apply for the CARES Act loan. Our office doors are locked, but my staff and I are on shifts to answer phones, process insurance claims, finalize orders, and triage care. We are using this time for online continuing education.  

“Virtual eye care” is designed for our established patients. It’s a way to screen for serious eye conditions and evaluate how best to take care of emergencies. But we can discuss any problems, questions, or concerns about your eyes. For now, this involves mostly phone calls and a review of your medical chart. Sometimes, a video chat is helpful. We do not charge for virtual eye care, but if we expand this platform, it’s good to know that Vision Service Plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico, and Medicare cover these services. 

Many are ordering eyeglasses and contact lenses via online companies. One advantage of ordering through us, is maximizing the benefits and warranties of your vision plans. You have the assurance that a local business has your best interests in mind. LANL employees with Davis Vision have a $200 benefit towards a frame or contact lenses. Several eyeglass lens options, such as polycarbonate, transitions, standard progressives, as well as Oasys contact lenses are covered. Employees at N3B, Smith’s, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, and Los Alamos County can also use their great VSP benefits. If you had an eye exam with me in 2018, we can easily take care of your eye care needs. We have all the information necessary for a successful outcome!  

Please text 833-520-0669, email, or call 505-662-9681 to schedule virtual eye care!  

I think back to the Cerro Grande Fire, when we were forced to evacuate amid terrifying conditions. I recall many tears, fear and anxiety, and devastating losses. We survived that, and we will survive this. We will open our doors once again to serve the community.  

Lisa Shin, O.D.

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