When an Eye Exam Uncovers a Tumor

Did you know that an eye exam can uncover a serious medical condition that requires immediate treatment?   I had a patient come in for his annual exam, reporting that his vision had been gradually getting worse. Peripheral vision testing uncovered a defect in both eyes, which is usually caused by a mass compressing the opticContinue reading “When an Eye Exam Uncovers a Tumor”

When You’re 18 Years Old, with a Whole Life Ahead…

by Dr. Lisa Shin Early in my career, I saw a 18 year old man who came in for an eye exam because he needed more contact lenses.  His vision was 20/20 in both eyes, with no change in contact lens prescription.   I dilated his eyes, which means the pupils are enlarged to look atContinue reading “When You’re 18 Years Old, with a Whole Life Ahead…”