When a Complete Blood Count is Recommended

By Dr. Yvonne Alomia

A 26 year old patient came in for an eye examination.  Vision was 20/20 in both eyes.  Dilation of the eyes revealed a blood vessel abnormality right above the optic nerve (seen in the photo below).   Complete blood count, with lipid profile, was recommended.   A complete blood count provides important information regarding the white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.   It is the most commonly ordered blood test and can identify a wide range of systemic disorders, such as anemia, polycythemia, bleeding disorders, leukemia, and infections.   It can also tell if there are certain forms of liver, heart, or lung diseases.

What the dilation revealed:  note the small black, carrot shaped heme above the optic nerve (the white round structure).
What the dilation revealed
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