A Fluffy, White Patch in Your Eye


A fluffy, white patch in your eye is called a “cotton-wool spot” and can represent a compromise to the circulation and vascular system.   They can also indicate damage to the retinal nerve fibers, with build-up of material that doesn’t belong there.   Sometimes you can have a sudden “blind spot,” blurry vision, or peripheral vision loss.   There are many causes for cotton wool spots:  hypertension, diabetes, HIV, severe anemia or thrombocytopenia, hypercoagulable states, connective tissue disorders, viruses, lues, Behçet’s and many others.  To review the many other yellow-white things in the retina with which you could confuse cotton wool spots, check out Yellow-White Things in the Retina.

Blood work-up and physical with a primary care physician are recommended.

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