A Stroke Can Affect Your Vision

Did you know that a stroke can cause difficulty speaking and walking, but can also cause peripheral vision loss and double vision?   The peripheral vision test above shows a loss on the right side, which points to a stroke on the left side.   A stroke can cause problems with processing of visual input, including neglect, agnosia, agraphia, and alexia.

  • In persons with neglect, the visual pathways and brain are capable of seeing certain areas in space but automatically ignore them. Persons with neglect may not notice people or objects on one side of the room or may not eat food on one half of their plate because they are not aware that the food is there.
  • In persons with agnosia, the visual pathways and brain are capable of seeing objects or people, but cannot recognize them).
  • Persons with agraphia are unable to write, while those with alexia are unable to read.

During a stroke, the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen and nutrients.   The affected tissue is injured, which can cause mild to severe loss of certain functions.

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