Online Eye Exams?

Do you save time and money getting an online eye exam?   What is the cost of a “do-it-yourself” eye exam?  Wouldn’t it be nice to just check your vision and get your prescription on your computer at home?   It sure beats the commute, waiting in a doctor’s office, and taking time off from work.  Yet so much can be missed with an online eye exam.   Did you know that vision and life threatening conditions can first be found on a physical eye examination?   Did you know that you can have 20/20 vision, but have a serious eye disease?   Early intervention and treatment can save you time and money later, as well as preserve your eyesight.   And what could be more precious than your eyesight?

Indeed, technology is a powerful tool in medicine and telemedicine certainly has the potential to greatly improve our quality of life and access to health care.   However, the risk with all telemedicine is “cut-rate,” substandard professional services.  All physicians are required to put  the welfare and health of patients first   An online eye exam is only a part of a comprehensive eye examination and is certainly not an eye health exam.  Many eye diseases have no symptoms, but early intervention can prevent permanent eye damage and blindness.

Here are some of my cases over the years, with contributions from others!   Many times, despite 20/20-20/25 vision, a serious eye and/or medical condition is found during the comprehensive eye examination.  It would have been missed during an online eye exam!   A comprehensive eye exam includes an evaluation of the back of your eye, which includes your retina and optic nerve.  Any damage to these structures of your eye may cause permanent vision loss.   The back of your eye can be examined in 2 ways:  1:  dilation of your eye.    2.  A retinal imaging device, such as the Optos.   However, if anything suspicious is observed on the Optos, a dilation is still recommended.



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