Is this Cancer?

Tests to Diagnose Melanoma of the Eyelid

If there is an abnormal eyelid cyst that shows up, grows, and changes over time, it is time to schedule a biopsy.  You should immediately consult a dermatologist, who will check your family and medical history.  Only after the FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology) usually known as the needle biopsy, the doctors can tell if it is malignant or benign. Accordingly, the treatment shall be done.

 Causes of Melanoma of the Eyelid

The most important and common cause of melanoma on the eyelid is the UV rays effecting the skin or the upper layer of the lower eyelid. The UV rays comes directly from the sun and affects you. It can also affect you if you are exposed to some substance containing UV radiations. People having very less melanin content are mostly affected by the UV radiations and thus, are prone to developing melanoma of the eyelid. These people usually have a very light complexion, which prove that the melanin content on their skin cells are very low. Also people who have poor skin or highly sensitive skin can develop melanoma from the UV rays of the sun. Other factors like the medical history of the patient or heredity can cause melanoma of the eyelid.

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