When Ankylosing Spondylitis Affects Your Eyes

Uveitis is inflammation inside your eye.   It causes eye redness, pain and blurred vision. The condition can affect one or both eyes. It primarily affects people ages 20 to 50, but it may also affect children.  Possible causes of uveitis are infection, injury, or an autoimmune or inflammatory disease.  When a cause can’t be identified, it is called “idiopathic.”   Sometimes exhaustion, stress, and lack of sleep can cause an episode.   I recently had an aggressive form of uveitis that had to be treated with oral steroids and steroid eyedrops.   Since ankylosing spondylitis was the underlying cause, co-management with a rheumatologist was necessary.   Uveitis can be serious, leading to permanent vision loss.  Early intervention is critical to prevent complications.

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