Pediatric Eye Exams

I often get asked, “How early should my child have an eye examination?”   The American Optometric Association recommends a comprehensive eye examination at 6 months, at age 3, before school, and every 2 years after that.”   Then parents will ask, “How can you do an eye examination when they can’t talk or read yet?”   I do objective tests, which do not depend on patient responses, but on my evaluation.    Did you know that a vision screening at your pediatrician and school can miss up to 33% of learning related eye and vision problems?    Children can pass a vision test, but still have serious vision disorders that will negatively impact their ability to learn and succeed in life.   We need to make sure that eyes are tracking and working together properly, check for lazy eye and strabismus (an eye turn in or out), and evaluate eye health.  I recommend a cycloplegic, dilated eye examination on ALL school age kids!

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