Hindsight is 20/20

Dear Friends:     

2020 was the year that an invisible virus wrecked complete havoc on our lives and our country!   Amid chaos, sickness, and death, we have seen the strength, kindness, and resilience of our own community.  Due to nationwide and local lockdowns, there have been longer wait times than usual and significant delays in orders.  I am grateful for your support, patience, and understanding during this unprecedented time.  Following COVID-19 guidelines, we were able to take care of many eye care needs this past year.   

Being forced to slow down and operate with limited staff has brought me back to my early days as an optometrist in Los Alamos.  24 years ago, I had just one employee. I did every eye exam, from start to finish, with time, care and attention to each patient.  Back then, I had more time to listen and afterwards, I wrote detailed letters to primary care physicians summarizing my exam.  More can become less.  If I have become too busy to go the second mile for my patients, then it’s time to rethink my priorities.  Moving forward in the years to come, I am finding ways to survive and thrive as a small business owner, while delivering exceptional and personalized eye care.   

Every year, I have completed 32 hours of continuing education for my optometry license.  In 2020, I finished over 100 hours of online courses that covered a wide range of topics, from sports vision, pharmacology, makeup/cosmetics, as well as opticianry.  We have been too busy to keep regular staff meetings in the past, but this year, we met every single week to review these courses and pertinent eye care information.   I have a renewed enthusiasm for specialty, multifocal contact lenses, lasik and cataract surgery for their life-changing impact.  With kids spending more time than ever on their digital devices, I am excited about the advancements in blue light protection and myopia control (slowing down the progression of nearsightedness).  Did you know that your child can have 20/20 visual acuity, but struggle with reading and learning because their eyes do not work together properly?   There are new ways to help such conditions. 

I am embracing the latest in research and technology to improve the management of dry eye, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.  During your eye exam, you will hear me emphasize the importance of good nutrition, daily exercise, and overall wellness, which are correlated with better visual function.    Your “routine” eye exam for glasses and contact lenses can uncover a serious eye disease or a life-threatening problem.  Skip your eye exam, and you could permanently lose vision or cut years off of your life. Please don’t risk this!   My staff and I wish you and your families abundance, happiness, and joy in 2021! 

Sincerely,   Lisa Shin, O.D.

Contact me:   505-662-9681    lshinrecall@gmail.com  

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