How to Treat a Scratched Cornea?

One of the most painful things that can happen to your eye is a corneal abrasion, when you scratch your eye. It’s actually on your cornea, which is the very front part of your eye, the clear layer that covers the iris, the colored part of your eye.

You might get a scratch if you:

  • Poke your eye with a fingernail, pen, or makeup brush
  • Get dirt, sand, sawdust, ash, or some other foreign matter in your eye
  • Get chemicals in your eye
  • Rub it too hard
  • Wear poor-fitting or dirty contact lenses
  • Get a certain type of eye infection
  • Have surgery without proper eye protection
  • Play sports or engage in high-risk physical activity without safety eyewear
  • Overwear your contact lenses

We have found that a bandage contact lens is the most effective means to treat and heal a scratched cornea, along with antibiotic drops every 2-3 hours.

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