Help! My Child’s Eyes are Getting Worse!

Dear Friends:   
Now that school is out and summer is here, it’s definitely time to get your kids off of their digital devices and encourage outdoor play!   Did you know that pediatric ophthalmologists are actually prescribing less digital screen time to slow down myopia progression?   That’s because the prevalence of childhood myopia has surged recently, with kids being diagnosed much earlier and progressing faster than ever before.   COVID-19 definitely had an impact, with less time outdoors and excessive digital screen, tablet, and smartphone use.  Many are worried about the global burden of high myopia and blindness.  Did you know that high myopia puts you more at risk for glaucoma and retinal detachment?    

When I was a teenager, my optometrist provided me with glasses and contact lenses, but never talked about slowing down the progression of myopia.  This really motivates me to have the conversation with every parent facing a myopic child.   We have the research and the studies to show that these methods work!   Instead of your child becoming a 6D myopic adult, your child could become a 4D myopic adult.  It makes a big difference in quality of life and prognosis for good vision.   

Good news is that your vision insurance may cover all or some of the costs for myopia control!   Call today to make an appointment to discuss your options!  

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