Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Friends:    Happy Father’s Day!   A shoutout to all the Dads out there who do so much to enrich and bless our lives!   Recently, I received a vase of flowers and a kind note from a patient:   “I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful service you have provided me.  I am pleased with my glasses and think I probably need some fitting adjustments now.   Your office is pleasant and I felt quite safe during COVID.   Everyone in the office I have met has been super nice and supportive.   Finding you and your service has been the best thing for me and my eyecare I could have expected to have.”   What made the difference was the extra time, care, and attention for a complex ocular condition. I used a combination of traditional and automated tests and even got help with basic trigonometry to calculate the prescription.  No more double vision!    Before you purchase contact lenses and eyeglasses online, remember that your vision insurance may cover a year’s supply of contacts lenses or a high-quality pair of eyeglasses!   We’ve had patients cancel their 1-800-Contacts order when they realized their benefits.  Our prices are actually quite competitive with online retailers.   Check out our “budget” frame selection which work great for 2nd pairs and no insurance coverage.  Remember that we cannot provide customer service, adjustments, and repairs for glasses purchased online!   

Have a blessed day and week! Sincerely, Lisa Shin, O.D. 

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