LA Family Eyecare Participates in Rubber Duck Hunt!

Support Local Business: Rubber Duck Hunt
Family Strengths Network (FSN) is inviting businesses and patrons to a Rubber Duck Hunt. We know many local businesses have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. In the past, local businesses have supported FSN’s Lucky Ducky Day Silent Auction, this year FSN is hosting an event to support the many amazing businesses in Los Alamos and White Rock. FSN would like to partner on a Rubber Duck Hunt with local businesses and community members. The concept is simple, businesses place a rubber duck photo in a storefront window, and/or on your website, and any other place they see fit.  The community goes on a Rubber Duck Hunt to find the ducks and scores points for finding ducks in stores, on websites, and for making purchases in local businesses. 

The hunt runs from Monday, Sept. 20-25th, with a winner being announced on the afternoon of the 25th. The winner receives a gift basket, provided by FSN, containing items and gift cards from businesses within the community

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