Breakthrough Technology for Retinal Exams

OCTA Wellness Exam provides a higher level of eye care

Los Alamos Family Eyecare is proud to offer the OCTA Wellness Exam, the latest advancement in eye care technology that aids in early detection of eye diseases.

The Wellness Exam uses state-of-the-art optical coherence tomography (OCTA) to produce high definition images of the layers of the retina (sensitive area of the back of the eye). OCTA images provide stunning details of retinal structures and microvasculature that are not visible with other examination techniques or tests. This is important because it enables the doctor to detect early signs of vision-threatening disease. When diagnosed early, these conditions are often easier to treat, which slows progression and often avoids vision loss.

We are extremely pleased to offer this new technology to my patients. Many people believe they should only go to the eye doctor when they experience problems with their vision. In reality, many eye problems can develop without warning and progress with no symptoms. Early on, you might not notice any change in your vision, but irreversible damage could be taking place. This is why regular eye exams including a thorough evaluation of the retina are so important. We’re trying to pick up signs of disease before permanent damage can occur.

The Wellness Exam is non-invasive and can be performed quickly and easily. The images produced provide a view of the retinal layers that enable us to identify early signs of disease, or confirm the patient’s ocular health. Early detection of retinal abnormalities and disease may lead to earlier and safer treatments and in many cases prevent or slow the progression of vision loss. The Wellness Exam is recommended annually regardless of symptoms, thereby allowing eye doctors to observe any subtle changes occurring over time. We are offering this advanced technology with your eye exam for an additional $39 fee.

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