Posterior Synechia

This needs to be monitored carefully, as there is increased risk of glaucoma.   With the iris adhering to the lens, there is blockage of the aqueous humor flow from the posterior chamber to the anterior chamber. This blocked drainage can cause the intraocular pressure to increase, causing damage to the optic nerve.

When your pupil sticks to your lens…

A synechia happens when the iris adheres to either the cornea or lens.  Synechiae can be caused by ocular trauma, iritis or iridocyclitis and may lead to certain types of glaucoma.  Anterior synechia causes closed angle glaucoma, which means that the iris prevents proper drainage of the aqueous.   This raises the intraocular pressure. Posterior synechia also causeContinue reading “When your pupil sticks to your lens…”

Holes in the Iris

A Yag laser iridotomy is a procedure that is done to treat or prevent angle-closure glaucoma.    Here, a laser makes a hole in your iris.  The fluid in the back of your eye can then flow freely to the front of iris. If you have “narrow angles,” it means that the fluid inside yourContinue reading “Holes in the Iris”