Specialty contact lenses

We specialize in contact lenses for high astigmatism, hard-to-fit corneas, post-surgery, and keratoconus.   Keratoconus is an eye condition where the cornea thins and bulges into a cone-like shape.   This causes distorted, blurry vision which cannot be corrected with spectacle glasses.  Good news!   There are designs that are customized to your eye.   It can takeContinue reading “Specialty contact lenses”

A Corneal Transplant

From:   All About Vision A cornea transplant replaces diseased or scarred corneal tissue with healthy tissue from an organ donor. A graft replaces central corneal tissue, damaged due to disease or eye injury, with healthy corneal tissue donated from a local eye bank. An unhealthy cornea affects your vision by scattering or distorting light andContinue reading “A Corneal Transplant”