A cloudy lens implant

A common cataract surgery complications is a posterior capsule opacity in the lens implant. A procedure called a YAG laser capsulotomy can quickly and effectively restore vision following posterior capsular opacification.

Surgery wound

After cataract surgery, it is important to evaluate the wound for any leakage.     Key clinical signs that you may have a wound leak include poor vision, low eye pressure (below 8mm Hg),  excessive tears, and optic nerve swelling.   The easiest way to identify wound leakage is with the instillation of fluorescein dye.   IfContinue reading “Surgery wound”

Christmas tree cataract

A Christmas tree cataract describes a cataract with a polychromatic iridescent crystalline appearance Nuclear sclerotic changes also are evident in this patient.   Patients who have myotonic dystrophy can have Christmas tree cataracts. Cataracts are most commonly associated with aging, but other risk factors include UV-B radiation, smoking, medications (particularly steroids), and trauma.   Other causes forContinue reading “Christmas tree cataract”

When You Have a Cataract

A cataract is a clouding and yellowing of the the lens inside the eye.  Symptoms of cataract include: Blurry vision. Faded colors. Glare and halo around lights. Night vision problems. Double vision Many people can have an age-related cataract in their 40s and 50s, but it doesn’t affect vision.   After age 60, cataracts often affect vision and requireContinue reading “When You Have a Cataract”