Why Measure Corneal Thickness?

Corneal thickness measurements are necessary when monitoring for corneal diseases, such as keratoconus and hereditary conditions such as Fuch’s Dystrophy. If you are interested in Lasik refractive surgery, we have to make sure your corneas are thick enough for a successful outcome. We also use this advanced technology to properly fit specialty contact lenses. CornealContinue reading “Why Measure Corneal Thickness?”

Optic Disc Drusen

by Dr. Yvonne Alomia Optic nerve drusen are abnormal globular collections of protein and calcium salts which accumulate in the optic nerve and usually become visible after the first decade of life. They occur in both eyes more often than just one eye.   Retinal photos and ocular coherence tomography, shown here, are very helpful inContinue reading “Optic Disc Drusen”