When your eyes are very dry…

Severe dry eye can cause blurriness in vision, and eventually lead to corneal scarring and ulceration.

Treatments for dry eye include:

  • Artificial tears:  These can be used to supplement natural tear production. Preservative-free artificial tear solutions are recommended because they contain fewer additives, which can further irritate the eyes.
  • Increasing tear production.  Restasis can help increase tear production.
  • Treating the contributing eyelid or ocular surface inflammation.  Anti-inflammatory eye drops or ointments, warm compresses and lid massage, or eyelid cleaners can help decrease inflammation in and around the surface of the eyes.

Self Care

You can take the following steps to reduce symptoms of dry eyes:

  • Remember to blink regularly with prolonged computer use.
  • Use a humidifier at work and at home.
  • Wear sunglasses outdoors to reduce exposure to drying winds and the sun.
  • Nutritional supplements containing essential fatty acids, omega 3, & flaxseed oil, can  help decrease dry eye symptoms in some people.
  • Avoiding becoming dehydrated by drinking plenty of water (8 to 10 glasses) each day.
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