When your eyes are very dry…

Severe dry eye can cause blurriness in vision, and eventually lead to corneal scarring and ulceration. Treatments for dry eye include: Artificial tears:  These can be used to supplement natural tear production. Preservative-free artificial tear solutions are recommended because they contain fewer additives, which can further irritate the eyes. Increasing tear production.  Restasis can helpContinue reading “When your eyes are very dry…”

Eyelid crusties

  Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids, which causes the eyelids to be red, itchy, swollen and scaly.   Here you see crusty build-up at the base of the eyelashes. Feeling like something is in your eye Burning of the eye Sensitivity to light Red and swollen eyes or eyelids Blurry vision Dry eyes CrustingContinue reading “Eyelid crusties”

When eyelashes poke your eye…

Entropion is a condition in which your eyelid turns inwards instead of outwards.   Your eyelashes then rub against the eye, causing irritation and discomfort.   It can be seen in older adults, but I have also seen it in babies, as well as Asians.   Entropion can eventually cause damage to the cornea, resulting in eye infectionsContinue reading “When eyelashes poke your eye…”

Crusties in the morning

When you have ocular allergies, symptoms can include: itching, tearing, discharge, burning, photophobia, red eye, and decreased vision.   Often, contact lens wear can worsen the condition, so a change in contact lens material or to daily disposables, is recommended.   Cold compresses, artificial tears, and steroid eye drops are also recommended.

When Allergies Cause Pink Eye

Viruses, bacteria, irritating substances (shampoo, dirt, smoke, pool chlorine), sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), or allergens (substances that cause allergies) can all cause PINK EYE.  If it’s caused by allergies, then it’s not contagious.  It is important to find out whether your pink eye is caused by allergies or infection, because each condition has different treatments.Continue reading “When Allergies Cause Pink Eye”