Wash your hands before handling contact lenses. Clean & disinfect contact lenses every day. Rinse and air dry your contact lens case every day. Replace your contact lens case every 3 months. **Bacteria can grow in a dirty lens case, and cause an eye infection. Saline solution can be used to rinse lenses, but isContinue reading “CONTACT LENS WEAR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SAFE AND HEALTHY EYES”

Why is my contact lens uncomfortable?

Keratoconus is a non-inflammatory ectatic thinning disorder of the cornea that results in poor vision because of irregular astigmatism.  In the early stages, eyeglasses and soft contact lenses work.  However, in more advanced stages, rigid gas permeable lenses are necessary for improving vision.  Because there’s an area of your cornea that is steeper, a poorlyContinue reading “Why is my contact lens uncomfortable?”

My eye hurts

Subepithelial infiltrates (SEI). SEIs generally occur after viral keratitis, but are also found in blepharitis and contact lens-related hypersensitivity.   White blood cells from the limbal vasculature are drawn into the avascular cornea. What is Inflammation? Inflammation is the body’s response to protect tissues and organs. It is an efficient response caused by injury, infection, autoimmuneContinue reading “My eye hurts”

Contact Lenses Cause a Scar

Did you know that if you over-wear your contact lenses and develop a bacterial infection, a corneal scar can develop?    This can permanently affect your vision.

What Contact Lenses Can Do to Your Eye

If you over-wear your contact lenses or don’t properly clean and disinfect them, this is what can happen!    An episode of pain and light sensitivity due to inflammation, with the risk of serious bacterial infection.   This must be promptly treated and can result in a permanent scar.   Changing to DAILY DISPOSABLE contact lenses (thrown awayContinue reading “What Contact Lenses Can Do to Your Eye”

What Shiny Yellow Spots Can Mean

By Dr. Yvonne Alomia Recently, I saw a 16 year old girl for a routine eye examination.  Last exam had been 2-3 years ago.   Her medical history was negative for everything.  Picture of her right eye’s retina is above.   Blood work by primary care physician shows she has HIGH LIVER ENZYMES but they don’tContinue reading “What Shiny Yellow Spots Can Mean”

Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion: What You Should Know

Your eyes are a direct reflection of your overall health. A dilation enables your doctor to see the optic nerve, the retina, and the blood vessels. Early diagnosis and treatment are important in glaucoma, which causes damage to your optic nerve and retinal nerves. Conditions such as diabetes and hypertension can affect the blood vessels,Continue reading “Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion: What You Should Know”

Contact Lens Overwear

Many enjoy the convenience and vision of contact lens wear.   However, contact lenses can cause lack of adequate oxygen to the cornea.    Symptoms include light sensitivity, tearing, feeling sand in your eyes, and blurred vision.   Contact lens overwear can cause abnormal blood vessels, shown below, onto the cornea, as well as abnormal corneal cells’ sizeContinue reading “Contact Lens Overwear”

When Contact Lenses Cause Inflammation

Sometimes contact lenses can cause inflammation of the cornea, with an accompanying bacterial infection.  The white dot shown on the cornea above is an infiltrate, caused by bacterial inflammation.  Symptoms can range from mild discomfort, feeling like there’s something in your eye, tearing, and redness, to severe pain, light sensitivity, and decreased vision.  Corneal infiltratesContinue reading “When Contact Lenses Cause Inflammation”

When Contact Lenses Harm Your Eyes

Q:   How can contact lens wear be a risk? A:  Contact lenses are considered a medical device, which can put you at risk for serious eye infections  Q:  Why does a contact lens prescription have a specified expiration date? A:  Because the doctor must evaluate the health of your eye, to make sure that contactContinue reading “When Contact Lenses Harm Your Eyes”