My eye hurts

Subepithelial infiltrates (SEI). SEIs generally occur after viral keratitis, but are also found in blepharitis and contact lens-related hypersensitivity.   White blood cells from the limbal vasculature are drawn into the avascular cornea. What is Inflammation? Inflammation is the body’s response to protect tissues and organs. It is an efficient response caused by injury, infection, autoimmuneContinue reading “My eye hurts”

When You Have Pink Eye

Viral conjunctivitis, or PINK EYE, is a common, self-limiting condition that is typically caused by adenovirus.  This can be diagnosed with the above test, the RPS detector.   When you have viral conjunctivits, you are highly contagious for about 10-12 days from onset as long as the eyes are red.  You should avoid touching your eyes,Continue reading “When You Have Pink Eye”