Now is the Time for an Eye Exam

Dear Friends:    Recently, I found high astigmatism in a 6 year old with no complaints or symptoms.  I prescribed glasses necessary to see clearly, just in time for school.  With Los Alamos Public Schools starting off with online learning, eye exams are essential for the well being and eye health of our kids! Check out my article in the Los Alamos Monitor!    Please note that we are also providers for Davis Vision. With school starting out online this year, optometrist Lisa Shin, owner of Los Alamos Family Eyecare in Los Alamos, has some advice for students and their parents: now would be a good time to get the eyes checked. Getting students’ eyes checked now will help bring to light any eye problems that children might not know they have, like astigmatisms, nearsightedness and farsightedness, Shin said.Shin said she’s seen that a lot, especially with young children.“With the younger kids, I’m going to do a lot of objective testing, I can’t rely on them to tell me things. I need to look and take measurements,” Shin said. Students spending more than the usual amount of time staring at a computer screen could lead to vision problems and other health issues, like loss of sleep.“Eighty percent of what kids learn in school is learned visually,” Shin said. “It’s so important for these kids to see, to have the best possible eyesight, especially now with remote learning.”Shin is a member of the VSP network, a widely-used vision health network established in 1955. Shin said being a part of such a well-known network gives her many options when it comes to providing eye care. For those who aren’t in the network, she said VSP does offer an individual vision plan for $13 a month. VSP also has an “Eyes of Hope” program for those who are experiencing financial duress.The program offers one free eye exam and a free pair of glasses for those who qualify.Shin also accepts Eyemed, Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico, United Healthcare, and New Mexico Centennial Care Blue Cross Blue Shield. One popular option she’s been prescribing to heavy computer users are blue blocking prescription glasses, something she noted is popular with LANL employees.The glasses are designed to filter out the “blue light” given off by computers, reducing eye strain and cutting down on sleep disruption in her clients. “We are already exposed to it when we’re outside, but now that we’re on the computer 12 to 14 hours a day, we have much more exposure to it,” Shin said.New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham two months ago allowed for non-essential medical procedures to resume in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing Shin and other medical professionals to help residents with their eye issues.Shin said eye exams take just about 30 minutes.Shin has been practicing in Los Alamos for 23 years. Her practice prioritizes prevention and early treatment.Like all Los Alamos businesses, Shin and her associates have been practicing social distancing and safe hygiene when it comes to interacting with clients. All customers need to do is bring their own mask, and Shin’s practice will do their best to accommodate.These days, with the pandemic still in full swing, it’s preferred that patients make an appointment so the practice can regulate capacity, which right now for all businesses is 50% capacity according to fire safety regulations. Shin also offers curbside service for those picking up lenses or prescriptions.Call 662-9681 for an appointment. Los Alamos Family Eyecare is located at 800 Trinity Dr. Ste B in Los Alamos. Sincerely, 
Lisa Shin, O.D.

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