Protecting our Children’s Eyes

Dear Friends:    
With the news of Los Alamos Public Schools planning for a hybrid model (part-time remote learning) this coming fall, I am very concerned about the  well being and eye health of our kids!    While some families, such as homeschoolers, are well-positioned and equipped for this change, others are simply not.  Without proper supervision, parental involvement, and social interaction, some will fall behind.  I tell kids all the time to limit their digital device use to 2 hours/day, but now, they will be required to spend 6-8 hours/day on their computer!    

Here are my strong recommendations:    

1.   Reduce the display brightness on the computer monitor and digital tablets.  Consider a blue light filterto use on your screen.  Turn on the blue shade setting on your Kindle. 

2.   Kids need 5 hours/week of outdoor play! 

3.   Instead of reading on Kindles and tablets, go back to old school:  paper books!  

4.   Blue light protection on your child’s eyeglasses are a must.   We offer Blutech lenses, Prevencia, Zeiss Duravision Blueprotect UV, and Kodak Total Blue.  

5.  Non-prescription blue light filtering glasses are available on Amazon.  I highly recommend yellow tinted lenses for maximum protection.   

With many working from home, adults need blue light protection, too!   We have an excellent selection and competitive pricing for the LANL safety and computer glasses program.  We also provide safety and computer eyewear for several subcontractors and Los Alamos County.    

LANL’s vision insurance change from VSP to Davis Vision kept benefits  mostly the same.   However, remake and warranty policies under Davis Vision are more restrictive.  Changes must be made within 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on the lens.  There will no longer be a 2 year scratch warranty on trivex and anti-reflective coatings, but Davis Vision offers a 1 time per 1 year scratch protection plan for an additional fee:  $20 for single vision, $40 for bifocal/progressives.  There will be a minimum $25 service fee for all frame repairs.     THANK YOU for your patience, understanding, and support.   

Lisa Shin, O.D.

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