LANL Safety and Computer Glasses

We are proud to offer a great selection and outstanding customer service with our safety and computer glasses program! We provide occupational and work glasses for LANL, Los Alamos County, Centerra Group, N3b, and other contractors. Our Wiley X frames are the most popular!

$375 includes safety frame, clear polycarbonate lenses (single vision, bifocal, or progressives), and side shields (if available).

Add -ons:

*transitions available for single vision only + Wiley X frames: no extra cost (best deal!).

*transitions on all other safety: $85 additional

*AR coat: $85 additional

*polarized $85 additional

LANL COMPUTER: $225 includes frame, single vision lens, & BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION.


*computer progressive (includes variable distances from computer to keyboard/reading): $85.

LANL employees will need to access the SAP Arriba system & contact us: our ID AN01652979680

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