LANL Safety and Computer Glasses

We are proud to offer a great selection and outstanding customer service with our safety and computer glasses program! We provide occupational and work glasses for LANL, Los Alamos County, Centerra Group, N3b, and other contractors. Our Wiley X frames are the most popular! $375 includes safety frame, clear polycarbonate lenses (single vision, bifocal, orContinue reading “LANL Safety and Computer Glasses”

When a Basketball Hits Your Eye

A basketball caused severe damage to the iris and permanent vision loss in this patient!    We must continually monitor for glaucoma.    Trauma like this can result in enucleation, which is surgical removal of the eye, often replaced with a prosthetic.   This stresses the importance of protective eye wear for all sports, especially those involving aContinue reading “When a Basketball Hits Your Eye”