Advantages of Trial Frame Refraction

“The last place kept remaking my glasses, but never got it right.” This is my first clue that it’s time to pull out my trial frame that I got in optometry school. It is used for eyeglass prescriptions that require more time, care, & attention than traditional or automated tests. It is also closer to what you will actually see through your glasses. If you are having problems with your glasses and your vision, please call us today for an appointment! We are accepting new patients: 505-662-9681.


You might next ask, why would I use a trial frame, if I have a phoropter?

To answer that question, we have to consider some of the disadvantages of a phoropter.   Those include that the light reflex for retinoscopy may be poorer than with loose lenses.

Additionally, there is decreased light transmission with the phoropter when multiple lenses are used with higher refractive errors.

Eccentric viewing will be difficult to impossible for the patient to use when viewing through a phoropter.

Finally, for those patients with nystagmus, it will be difficult for them to use their null point, when viewing through a phoropter.

In summary, you will want to prescribing a conventional prescription for patients with reduced vision, when the patient sees a qualitative improvement in their vision.  

Additional reasons to prescribe a conventional prescription is to improve vision for intermediate tasks such as writing, sewing, using a video magnifier or a computer.

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