At Home Eyelid Hygiene

HOME CARE: Did you know that eyelid hygiene can help with tear production and with eyelid inflammation? It can make a big difference with dry eye and preventing styes, infections.

___Warm compresses: apply warm washcloth to the closed eyelids 10 minutes, 2x/day

___Ocusoft Dry Eye Mask: microwave for 20 seconds and apply to clean eyelids for 10 minutes.

___Lid Expression: AFTER warm compresses or Dry Eye Mask, with a slightly damp Q-tip, gently push up, across your entire lower eyelid, with both eyes.

___Ocusoft foam, hypochlor, or Ocusoft lid scrub. Clean your eyelids again.

___Use Retaine MGD artificial tears in the morning and in the evening.

___Eyepromise EZ Tears Omega 3’s Fatty Acids, Vitamin A, D, E, EPA, DHA

___In office Thermal 1 Touch

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