Trivex vs Polycarbonate

Trivex is a lens option worth paying extra for! LANL Davis offers trivex for $55.

Why? from Lens Materials are Changing:

  1. They have a fun history. Trivex was originally used in helicopter windshields for the military.
  2. They have an incredible ABBE value. 45! Especially when you consider polycarbonate has an ABBE value of 32. Translation: you see better through a Trivex lens due to a lower incidence of chromatic aberration.
  3. They are incredibly light in weight. Trivex has one of the lowest Specific Gravity ratings out there: 1.11. Consider this in comparison to polycarbonate’s rating of 1.22. (Let’s not forget that hi-index materials Specific Gravity ratings range from 1.30 to 1.47—so let’s consider rephrasing the term “thinner, lighter lenses” when referring to hi-index lenses.) Translation: Trivex lenses are lighter in weight for your patient’s comfort.
  4. They are tough. Trivex lenses are incredibly resistant to scratching.
  5. It is a new technology. Trivex lenses were introduced to the market in 2002. Of course we’re in 2014 so these lenses are 12 years old, but compared to plastic and polycarbonate, these lenses are essentially newborns.
  6. They are inherently 100 percent UVA and UVB resistant, and we all know how important it is to protect our patient’s eyes from the dangers of UV radiation.
  7. They have incredible tensile strength. Trivex lenses are not prone to stress fracturing when used in drill mounted or rimless grooved frames due to their high tensile strength.
  8. They are available for 85 percent of prescription ranges. If you think Trivex has limited availability, you’ll want to check into this again.
  9. They are lenses that will set your practice apart. Trivex does not have widespread usage within our industry. (My research shows that only 6.6 percent of lenses ordered today from national laboratories are Trivex.) So if you are telling your patient that you can provide them something they won’t be offered down the street, start talking to them about Trivex.

Want more information about Trivex? Check out their website at

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