LANL Safety and Computer Glasses

Attention LANL employees: LANL covers several types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including protective shoes, clothing, and safety/computer glasses. Form 1882a must be completed and signed by your line manager (or DPR). We offer a wide range of safety frames: Wiley X, On Guard, ArmouRx, and Titmus. All computer glasses include blue light protection: clearContinue reading “LANL Safety and Computer Glasses”

How to Treat an Eye Infection

If you wake up with your eyes stuck together, then you probably have a bacterial conjunctivitis, an eye infection caused by Symptoms include: Red eyes Eye pain Eye discharge Watery eyes Dry eyes Light sensitivity Swollen eyes Swelling around the eyes Itching Blurry vision This was treated successfully with antibiotic eye drops and ointment, asContinue reading “How to Treat an Eye Infection”

Trivex vs Polycarbonate

Trivex is a lens option worth paying extra for! LANL Davis offers trivex for $55. Why? from Lens Materials are Changing: They have a fun history. Trivex was originally used in helicopter windshields for the military. They have an incredible ABBE value. 45! Especially when you consider polycarbonate has an ABBE value of 32. Translation:Continue reading “Trivex vs Polycarbonate”