What is Demodex?

From The Eye Depot

Demodex blepharitis is a common source of eyelid inflammation and ocular irritation. It is caused by the demodex mite. The presence of demodex increases with age making them present in the vast majority of people over 70 years of age. While most people have demodex living on their eyelid skin and in their eyelashes, they usually are not symptomatic. Symptoms of demodex blepharitis include eyelid itching, burning, foreign body sensation, crusting, redness, and exacerbation of dry eye which can lead to blurry vision.

Lid hygiene with warm compresses and lid scrubs with Tea Tree Oil, such as Ocusoft OUST, is the most effective treatment. If you follow this regiment 1-2 x daily consistently for 3-4 weeks, your symptoms should improve to the point that you only need to perform lid hygiene on an as needed basis.

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