Eyelid Bumps: What To Do?

I have found that heat applied to an eyelid bump is the most effective treatment! You can do this at home with an Ocusoft dry heat mask. Put this in the microwave for 30 seconds, then apply to closed eyelids for 10 minutes. You must do this consistently 3-4x/day. We also offer in office ThermalContinue reading “Eyelid Bumps: What To Do?”

What should I do about this bump on my eyelid?

We have seen many eyelid bumps in our office: some are painful and bothersome, while others aren’t even noticeable. For cases that do cause pain and discomfort: in office thermal heat treatment combined with at home dry heat masks can do a world of good in effectively treating these bumps. We also prescribe antibiotics, whichContinue reading “What should I do about this bump on my eyelid?”

What to do about that bump on your eyelid?

The medical terms for a STYE are chalazia and hordeola.  They are sudden-onset localized swellings of the eyelid. A chalazion is caused by noninfectious meibomian gland occlusion, whereas a hordeolum usually is caused by infection.  Both conditions initially cause eyelid hyperemia and edema, swelling, and pain. With time, a chalazion becomes a small nontender noduleContinue reading “What to do about that bump on your eyelid?”