What should I do about this bump on my eyelid?

We have seen many eyelid bumps in our office: some are painful and bothersome, while others aren’t even noticeable. For cases that do cause pain and discomfort: in office thermal heat treatment combined with at home dry heat masks can do a world of good in effectively treating these bumps. We also prescribe antibiotics, whichContinue reading “What should I do about this bump on my eyelid?”

Why is my eye red?

Episcleritis is a relatively common, benign cause of red eye, due to inflammation of the episcleral tissues. Nodular episcleritis is characterized by a clearly defined elevated area of inflammation. In simple episcleritis, vascularization is present without an obvious nodule. Differentials include: scleritis (inflammation goes deeper in the tissues and is much more serious), allergic conjunctivitis,Continue reading “Why is my eye red?”